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Matilda The Musical - You’ll never forget the classic tale of Matilda
A dark and delightful adaptation of Roald Dahl's tale of a child genius, and her monstrous headmistress
Comes to life with a buzzing vitality that proves irresistible The Telegraph

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Thursday, 16 September 2021

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Sunday, 18 December 2022

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2 hours 40 minutes

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Matilda The Musical

We were all children once. And we can all appreciate the naughtiness and rebelliousness of Matilda, a little girl whose monstrous parents are too awful for words and drive her absolutely nuts. With the exception of one, her teachers are just as bad. If you were her, you'd probably rebel too! This gloriously, wickedly funny show is based on the great Roald Dahl's children's book of the same name and it's proving a huge hit in theatreland.

The show was written by Dennis Kelly, with music and lyrics by the quirky, super-clever Australian comedian Tim Minchin. The narrative focuses on Matilda, precocious at just five years old and a keen reader. It follows her as she overcomes the numerous obstacles put in her way by her family and school, where she ultimately helps the only teacher she likes to reclaim her life.

The musical cut its teeth in Shakespeare country, at Stratford-upon-Avon, which would probably please The Bard if he was still around. The twelve-week trial run was a huge hit and the show soon transferred to the West End for its London debut at the Cambridge, enjoying its Broadway premiere in April 2013. As you can imagine it's still going strong, well on the way to becoming a classic. Don't miss it, whether you're twelve or a hundred and twelve.

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Young Couples:

Great story, great kids, great villain. What more can you want?
Dean, 07 Dec 2021
Smashed our expectations out of the park!!!
Jenny, 07 Dec 2021
Excellent Musical
Susan, 29 Nov 2021
Tracey, 29 Nov 2021
Stewart, 28 Nov 2021
Smart, funny and incredibly engaging show! 5 stars! ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
The music was wonderful, the actors were incredible. We already loved the story, but the musical took it to another dimension. We will definitely see that one again!
Jennifer, 27 Nov 2021
Feel good factor
Great show
Janice, 24 Nov 2021
A definate must see musical , fantastic
We absolutely loved the show . We went as a surprise gift for my daughter and granddaughter. It’s their favourite film . We had good seats , could see everything . The booster seats for the children watching was a bonus , you definitely don’t get that at the threatre where we live . The toilets were clean , plenty of them . We were able to get refreshments very comfortably , quick and easy . The staff were also very friendly.
Christine, 22 Nov 2021
Very very good
Very good performance
Stephen, 22 Nov 2021
Diana, 20 Nov 2021
Great show
lynn, 20 Nov 2021
Vered, 18 Nov 2021
Matthew, 13 Nov 2021
It was great me and my daughter enjoyed every minute of it. It's my daughters first time in Theatre she really loved it. The lightning the acting the music everything about it was great.
Hiba, 31 Oct 2021
The kids were amazing! Everything was amazing! I wanna go again!
If you want to hate yourself a little more and realise that children have more talent than your grown 30 yr old self, sit through this. I kinda go emotional at how well the children and adults were in this, it was fabulous. My 5 yr old says the lights were cool and she wanted to go on the swings
Rachelle, 30 Oct 2021
Great show!
Loved Ms Trunchbull!
Lucy, 26 Oct 2021
Good show grandaughter loved it
KIM, 18 Oct 2021
Brilliant would go again
First show in London and it did not disapoint this is a mush see show and a special mention to Alex who played matilda she was excellent from start to finish
Graham, 16 Oct 2021
Great show
Having read the books as a child and seen the film version, I was familiar with the storyline. However, whilst some aspects of the story ate omitted, this is a fun and vibrant interpretation with good music and excellent acting talent, especially from the young actors. The staging was very well done, utilising various technical and creative methods. However there were times where there seemed to be an imbalance with the sound.
Christopher, 13 Oct 2021
Fabulous show for everyone
Paul, 10 Oct 2021
A show that really exceeded my expectations. The set, the music, the acting, the costumes and the lighting was just perfect. I am a 28 year old male and my wife loves Matilda (to the point she can recite it wors for word) but even I enjoyed it. A lot of adult relative banter which kept me interested. I cant emphasise how good this would be for parents let alone kids.
jagdeepak, 03 Oct 2021
One of the best
This show was one of the best I’ve seen, well acted and the younger actors were a tribute to such a great show. Hidden humour is a clever talent. Well done team, could not recommend any more
James, 03 Oct 2021
Brilliant Show
Anne, 19 Sep 2021
Magical matilda
Couldn't wait to see Matilda again and what a show they put on tonight 17/9 absolutely fabulous and so glad they back on stage 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Janice, 17 Sep 2021
Family friendly show
Family friendly show. The cast led by Emma playing Matilda, told the story well and brought the children's book to life. The set was amazingly creative, especially the use of the floor space. Good dance choreography.
Madren, 28 Aug 2017
What a surprise
I wasn't to sure what to except but both myself and my 11 year old daughter loved every minute. The staging, acting just brilliant. This is a must viewing. Great family show.
Siobhan, 10 Aug 2017
A little bit naughty- and GREAT fun
We went to "Matilda" primarily because we love Tim Minchin as a song-writer. We were thoroughly entranced by the show. It was fast-paced and amazingly energetic- the way all the cast keep up the movement and singing is incredible. The staging is really fresh and allows the show to flow beautifully. All of the cast, but especially the children, give their all. It is worth it!! My only criticism is that occasionally the instruments overpowered the voices and it was hard to hear the words. But overall, and speaking as a dedicated classical music devotee, "Matilda" was a fantastic theatrical experience, not to be missed.
Greg, 07 Jul 2017
Stage and light design are flawless, dynamic and creative. Very good performance by the actors/actresses. Tim Minchen's music is great. Show is a bit long. Thank you!
Irmak, 28 May 2017
Fabulous show fantastic acting the kids were terrific
Alison, 21 May 2017
Great show worth the effort to go and see
Took my 8 year old daughter and her 10 year old friend and both loved it, plenty of adult humour as well so most def a family show.
Estelle, 05 Sep 2015
Fantastic show!
Such a talented cast and a great view. So close that some of the cast nearly knocked me out of my seat! Perfect from start to finish, everyone was spellbound. Particularly impressed with the foyer staff who genuinely appeared to be happy, professional and attentive. Don't miss Matilda :)
JAYNE, 16 Aug 2015
Fabulous family show
The children are all delightful, very entertaining good story perfect family entertainment
LESLEY, 31 Jul 2015
Best in town
This is far and away the best show in the West End at the moment. The music is fantastic, the lyrics unbelievably clever, the set design amazing, fantastic choreography and wonderful performances from a brilliantly talented cast. I can't recommend it enough.
Katy, 12 Jun 2014
brill show
If you think this show is for youngsters only (as I did) think again. We really enjoyed it the kids have amazing talent.
sheila wilkinson, 23 Jan 2014
It was a great show and I would highly recommend going. Sitting in the upper circle meant you sometimes didn't see what was going on the front of the stage.
Sarah, 02 Nov 2013
Fabulous show
You cannot fault the acting and music of this show. All fabulous. The sound is super - every word can be heard - and we should know as we were in row M right at the back yet the view was good and we felt involved. Hot theatre and long queues for the ladies, but the onstage action was some of the best I have ever seen .
Nic, 26 Jul 2012
A brilliantly clever musical!!
Tim Minchin really has outdone himself with the music of Matilda. He never fails to wittily entertain his audience. The cast was fantastic and worked together really well as an ensemble. Bertie Carvel gives a superb performance as Mrs Trunchbull as do the girls who play Matilda! There were many laugh out loud moments, couple with sad dramatic moments. Definitely a show, even for those who aren't particular fans of musical theatre. Roald Dahl would be proud.
Katrina , 06 May 2012